PPF Description
Providing a Link

The Portland Police Foundation was formed to provide a link between the Portland Police Department and the community members that it serves. The Foundation supports programs that promote the health and safety of both the Portland Police Officers and the communities that they serve. The Foundation was built as a partnership between the Portland Police Bureau and the community to discuss law enforcement issues facing the city and collaborate on new solutions to those issues.

Funding Programs

The Portland Police Foundation helps fund programs that are outside the means of the City of Portland. The Foundation was built to bridge the gaps between program funding and support programs that are not funded by the city's budget but are necessary to the health, safety and effectiveness of Portland Police Officers. Supported programs are aimed at making the city safer and more enjoyable to live, work and visit.

Donation & Support

The Portland Police Foundation is funded through donations from Portland's community members and organizations. Foundation programs are submitted by Police Bureau members and reviewed and approved by the Foundation itself. Your support of the organization is an investment in the future of the City of Portland and its many programs that link the Portland Police Bureau to the community.

With the assistance of the Portland Police Foundation, the Bureau can continue its extraordinary community service and innovative public safety efforts. I invite community members to join the Portland Police Foundation and meet the faces behind the badge.

–Mike Reese, Portland Police Chief